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Charlotte has trained all genders and ages as an Artisan. From 2008 to 2013, she enjoyed working with Art Place in Greenwood, Mississippi. There, she was blessed to contract with alternative schools and counseling centers, training students in silk painting and design. She has worked with federal and state grant organizations in Mississippi. She loves traveling to different locations, equipping Christian church groups with banners and flags, and training them in design and movement in worship. Charlotte's vision is to clear out obstructions in worship; bringing clarity and simplicity with razor sharp hawk-eyed precision.

In 2012, she traveled to Scotland, where she trained with Movement in Worship from Brighton, England. Raised Praise hosted Movement in worship in 2011 and 2012 in Columbus, MS. Charlotte continues to travel with her living banners manifesting creative light, bearing the sapphire truth of the Spirit.

If you are interested in having Charlotte come to your location to train your children's ministry or youth and adults, please fill out the form below, along with your email and a detailed message, to request more information about any of her services.  Charlotte will come and train you in intimacy in movement with banners.

Raised Praise Declaration

Most people when they speak of dance immediately think of ballet or some proper form of dance. The word dance really is a form of ecstatic expression released from an ecstatic emotion; It isn't proper, it isn’t planned, it isn't comfortable- but if you are willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable you'll join in to the mystery of abiding, resting, tabernacle in the bed chamber of His Love. His hand is a flower blossom that rests against your cheek and his arm is the stem that embraces you. The fragrance of His love perfumes your praise - You are that bouquet with Him! Christ a sweet fragrance to God releasing a creative bouquet that's oh so sweet!! They will wonder where did you get this perfume. You can't buy it, you can't make it - it's a heavenly SENT ONE!!! Hey! Hey! Swirling, twirling, moving by the muse of His breath!! It's a secret only revealed to those that fear Him for He reveals secrets to His intimate ONEs that have contact with - close abiding - being held closely too - those that He embraces! Charlotte releases the abiding love of the Father. She enables those that have been far to come close and see and know He is real and wants a real relationship, oh so close with you!

Thanks! Charlotte

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